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Do you need some help to get your career or your creative business to the next level? You've come to the right place. Let's make it happen! Getting an mentor, a business coach, or a gallerist to advise you in order to step up your game, grow your business and reach the artistic objective you have in mind is a great step … but do these people always have your best interest at heart?

Do they really understand your artistic practice and simultaneously know how help you be a successful entrepreneur?

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After receiving a MBA from the European School of Economics, I worked as a marketing and PR professional for multinational corporations and eventually decided to apply my business knowledge to the art industry. A few years later I set up another division of my company in NYC.

I have now provided independent art advisory services to private individuals, museums, corporate and institutional collections for more than 10 years in Europe Londonand in the US New York City. Since the start of my career, I have have been working closely with artists, providing help and advice on all aspects related to the development of a successful career. From practical studio matters to finding the best strategies for exhibiting and selling your art, there is an infinite number of decisions that need to be taken in order to develop your practice and achieve your dreams and objectives.

You would like to show and sell your art online or get an art expert to advise you on how to collaborate with art websites? My advisory firm is there for any kind of art advice you need. I am offering for up to 5 artists at a time private coaching on a specific topic of your choice popular topics listed below or a 6 week program to help you and your art reach its full potential.

Private Coaching: 6 Week Program Option 1.

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A personalized program, with a weekly private coaching session via skype, video conference or telephone as you prefer. During this session we will define your vision, mission and value proposition. We will identify who your current clients are as well as strategizing how best to connect with your ideal target audience. Finally, we will work on a plan to keep your clients purchasing from you.

This session will allow you to understand how to build your brand and to price your work. Defining and developing a cohesive brand is essential. Once you have defined your brand, we will move forward to help you develop a pricing strategy.To best view Citi Private Bank's site and for a better overall experience, please update your browser to a newer version using the links below.

Our Art Advisors can guide you through the art world, providing personalized acquisition and selling strategies, as well as collection management services. We can be a key partner in building and maintaining a meaningful art collection relationship. Citi Private Bank and Sotheby's have joined forces to celebrate the unique power of art to promote understanding and progress across cultures via a global program called Art: Beyond Borders.

We pioneered the concept of art as collateral and accept internationally marketable paintings, sculptures, drawings and photographs as collateral for loans. Our art advisory and finance team offers tailored loan structures to provide an alternative source of liquidity to help meet your needs. Our art finance structure can help raise capital, offset transaction costs associated with the sale of art or help reallocate and diversify your wealth portfolio. We act as your advocate and help protect your interests, working to obtain the best quality and price, while preserving your privacy.

Our expansive art finance network enables us to provide you perspectives on the global art market. Also, we can identify buying and selling opportunities around the world.

All credit products are subject to credit approval and various terms and conditions. Nothing contained herein should be construed as an offer or commitment to lend by Citibank, N. Alternative assets such as art are speculative, may not be suitable for all clients, and are intended for those who are willing to bear high economic risks. Art loans are extended to qualified borrowers on a secured basis. All loans and lines are made by Citibank, N.

Citi Private Bank and Sotheby's have joined forces to celebrate the unique power of art to promote understanding and progress across Citi Private Bank's rich and varied program takes our clients on an inspiring journey, exploring the fascinating world of art, its history Browser Requirement To best view Citi Private Bank's site and for a better overall experience, please update your browser to a newer version using the links below.

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Art: Beyond Borders Citi Private Bank and Sotheby's have joined forces to celebrate the unique power of art to promote understanding and progress acrossArt Advisory.

We prepare Appraisal Reports for the following:. When there is a question regarding the authenticity of an object, we arrange for the appropriate expert to determine whether it is genuine. Typically, this requires a physical examination by a recognized expert and may require scientific testing by an established facility like the Canadian Conservation Institute in Ottawa. Appraisal clients include private collectors, insurance companies, corporations, financial institutions, registered charities and law firms as well as government agencies, crown corporations, public museums and galleries.

We are committed to promoting the value of the visual arts and maintaining the highest standards in acquiring, maintaining and displaying works of art in non-museum settings for both private and business clients.

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A successful art collection must be well planned and the initial planning stages are critical in building a solid foundation and establishing the objectives. Typically, we have preliminary meetings to discuss goals and then we prepare a location plan and budget. This is followed by a written proposal with illustrations and a presentation of initial concepts. We then research and source appropriate works of art, coordinate gallery visits, on-site presentations, framing, delivery, and installations.

We provide advice regarding selling or donating works when a collector wants to improve or downsize a collection. Identifying the right market for an object is critical to obtaining the best price and maximizing monetary proceeds.

The appropriate market may be an international, national, regional or local auction house, dealer, gallery or a private sale. We make recommendations for the most advantageous means for you to sell those items you wish to disperse from a collection.

Donations of certified cultural property bring the greatest tax benefits to the donor as they are not subject to capital gains tax. We will specify significant items that could potentially qualify to be certified as cultural property and identify and contact appropriate recipient institutions.

Lesser items will also be identified, and we will coordinate the donation to your preferred charity. You may choose to deal with the recommended vendors or recipient institutions personally or engage our services further to coordinate all the details of the sale or donation, including packing and transport, ensuring that the process is stress-free for you.

Our collection management and curatorial services include the inventory and documentation of works of art which is an important step in maintaining and preserving a collection. A comprehensive inventory with detailed information records the history of the work, is invaluable in case of damage or theft, and can be useful if the object is sold or donated in the future.

When documenting a collection, we conduct a physical inventory, take digital photographs and record critical identifying information using Object ID, the international standard for identifying works of art developed by the Getty Institute in conjunction with museums, the art industry, appraisal organizations, insurance companies and police. The data we collect is then recorded in an appropriate database for the documentation of collections. Collections routinely require care and maintenance to ensure their safety and preservation.

We provide cost-efficient inspection programs and provide condition reports and conservation recommendations and coordinate any required cleaning, reframing or relocation.With Artful, you're not just building lifelong memories; you can also build your art collection. Whether you've been collecting for years or are just starting out, Artful Advisory can help guide you through every aspect of acquiring the works that speak to you. One of Artful's founding principles is making art more accessible.

We can help you navigate the opaque world of art collecting. Artful values your relationship and offers our Artful Jaunt customers the kind of world-class advice and access that is typically reserved for veteran collectors. Our advisors are excited to meet you at galleries, research and prepare a bid for an auction, or tour an art fair with you. Simply put, they want to partner with you to find the pieces that speak to you. If you are interested in this service, please send an email to us by clicking "contact us" below.

We will contact you shortly to explain our services and answer all of your questions. Contact Us. Why Artful. Customer Login.

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Artful Advisory. Navigate The World of Art Collecting.

art advisory services

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Artful Advisory

Privacy Policy.Need help with selecting the perfect artwork for your home, office or interior design project? We offer additional art advisory services to private clients, interior designers, companies and institutions. PICTOCLUB is proud to offer additional curatorial and art advisory services for private individuals, interior designers, corporate and institutional collections. Our aim is to facilitate the relationship between artists, collectors and interior design professionals.

We offer an extensive portfolio and result oriented curation service at a price you can afford. Whether a single piece or multi-work curation, we will find the perfect pieces for you. Our team deals in temporary or permanent installations that enhance your brand, always with your project budget in mind.

We additionally advise where to place an artwork in one specific room. This covers style, space and budget. From here, our team of curators will carefully consider all details and come back with a proposal.

We offer three different levels of curational service for each client to choose from based on the particular requirements and budget. Please see below for more detailed information on each of these levels, services and applicable fees.

Send us an email and tell us know about your style, space and budget.

art advisory services

Our curators will get back to you with a selection of art pieces best suited to your needs. Beginning with a one-on-one conversation with one of our art curators, the Classic Advisory Plan is one for those searching for something a little extra.

art advisory services

Send us images of your home or office and our curation team will provide you with a selection of artworks for it. Our design team will then show you how who selected artworks will fit in your space. This plan is recommended for multi-work curation. Our curation team will provide in-depth advice and propose a wide selection of artworks. Digital mock up images will help in the process of selecting the right artwork for your space.

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Be the first to know about our latest arrivals, new campaigns, featured artists, special promotions and online exclusives. Sign up now to our monthly newsletter. Are you an Interior Designer? Open now your trade account and benefit from our trade program and our exclusive art advisory services. Helping you find the right artwork for the right space.

Art Advisory Services

Art Advisory Services. Trust our team of professional curators. How it works. It starts with a conversation.DFAA is a full service, private art consultancy specializing in modern and contemporary art. We have dedicated collectors around the world. DFAA is made up of art professionals able to assist in every aspect of collecting with the utmost confidentiality and discretion. We have built close relationships with our collectors, often over the span of many years.

Owing to our highly personalized approach, we have the pleasure of growing and learning alongside our clients, constantly looking at and speaking about art. Every decision, large or small, is given our unbiased, objective advice, not only in regard to each artwork we present, but in all areas of discussion and inquiry.

Because of our well-established relationships with galleries local and worldwide, we have been able to cultivate critical trust on all sides, ensuring access to the most desirable and highest quality works. DFAA aims to create an experience of collecting that is satisfying on a variety of levels. In addition to advising collectors, DFAA engages in many facets of the art world on a global scale.

We are involved with non-profit organizations worldwide, contribute to various curatorial projects, and are always finding ways to support artists and special projects. Insurance appraiser services are for coverage against loss or damage. Appraisal values are for replacement purposes and are closest to those in the retail. Consultation is an economical way to decide where to go next if you are uncertain about the value of your collection. Charitable Donation is an important part of Financial Planning.

We are pleased to consult with you and your financial advisors about your planned charitable donation. Facebook Twitter YouTube. Art Advisory Services Work with an experienced, professional art advisor. Assistance in developing areas of interest for collectors, both new and experienced Collaboration with interior designers Advice and assistance on purchase and sale of works of art both privately and at auction Market analysis, determination of value and sensitive price negotiation Evaluation of condition Research and documentation Assistance with framing and installation Collection maintenance.

Appraiser Services.

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Insurance Appraisal Insurance appraiser services are for coverage against loss or damage. Consultation Consultation is an economical way to decide where to go next if you are uncertain about the value of your collection. Contact Detroit Fine Art Appraisals detroitfineartappraisals gmail.In the 17th century, Vermeer was an art dealer in his spare time. Velazquez traveled throughout Italy collecting paintings for the King of Spain; today those works hang in Madrid's great Prado Museum. In the 20th century, the painter William Glackens was pivotal in building the collection of the Barnes Foundation; meanwhile, Marcel Duchamp advised many collectors, including the Haas family in San Francisco, whose modernist masterworks now belong to the SFMoMA.

John Dubrow has launched John Dubrow Fine Art, an art advisory service which offers clients the unique opportunity to work with an artist who has devoted his life to his painting practice and earned the respect of galleries, critics, contemporary artists, and collectors worldwide. John has long been known for his keen eye and his encyclopedic knowledge of all art periods, as well as his ability to place individual pieces in their aesthetic and art historical arcs.

His skill and sensitivity in differentiating between paintings of varying quality comes as second nature to him, and make for remarkable opportunities in finding undervalued masterpieces for his clients. For more information, please contact info johndubrow. Home - - Art Advisory Services C. John Dubrow.